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Carla Tarraf-­ Country Manager, Boecker International

“We are proud to be supporting Salon Culinaire every year to encourage our chefs to train and develop their skills because it stands for what we believe in-­ excellence at every level of the hospitality industry. We consider our presence at Diyafa and the work we are doing here as an investment for the future, building human capacity and resources that will develop the sector in Qatar.”

Hossein Vetry -­ General Manager, Ritz-­ Carlton Doha 

‘This sector is defined by rapid developments and by relatively fast changes in both people and locations; therefore, all leaders in the industry and stakeholders involved in various projects across it need a favorable occasion to rebuild relationships and strengthen existing ones, as well as to identify new advances and developments in the sector. This is precisely what Diyafa constitutes for us, particularly in light of the high-­speed developments in Qatar’.

Bavarian Trade Desk

‘This is the first time we are here as a Bavarian Pavilion and we are here with 8 companies. We are very happy to be here and the companies we brought have made good contacts and connections’.

Al Muneera Trading


‘We benefited from Diyafa and the superior organization as a whole. The variety here is amazing. This is the first time we are participating and I’m actually regretting not having participated in the past’.

Danner Truffel + Pilze

‘We found Diyafa to be very successful. We found lots of potential customers in a new market for us. It is a great opportunity to present ourselves. We absolutely benefited from this exhibition’

INOX Design

‘I am very satisfied. Actually it was excellent. Honestly, for us this is a new beginning. Many hotels & restaurants visited us here and I’m happy. Thank you to Diyafa and the management here’. 



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