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Qatar- The World’s Leading Business Travel Destination

Rich in natural resources such as oil and gas, Qatar has progressed by leaps and bounds over the last decade to become a regional powerhouse. From real estate developments that have caught the world’s fancy to luxury boutique souks, and from museums of historic Islamic art and modern Arab creativity to a sporting calendar that boasts some of the biggest events in the region, Qatar has emerged as a primary business and tourism destination, bringing with it a wealth of opportunities.

With increasing numbers of tourists, constantly bigger and better events and attractions, and the FIFA World Cup scheduled for 2022, of course, Qatar offers a quantity of appealing prospects to investors and businessmen with an eye on investing in the region.

Qatar is actively diversifying its economy adding emphasis on non-oil based sectors such as education and tourism. The tourism initiative is stimulating the construction of new up-market hotels, resorts, high-rise apartment projects, restaurants and leisure facilities, creating vast opportunities in the hospitality sector.

Qatar offers an attractive and comfortable lifestyle for residents and visitors alike, with world-class facilities ranging from 5 star hotels, top quality restaurants, modern spa facilities and a range of activities for all the family in a safe and secure environment.

According to FIFA, Qatar will invest $17 billion into hotel developments alone over the next five years. The number of operational hotels will increase from 100 to 240 and hotel capacity is set to more than double to 90,000 rooms.

Official estimates put the planned spending on World Cup infrastructure, hotels and 12 eco-friendly stadiums at about $50 billion.

The government plans more than $65 billion in infrastructure spending through 2016.

77 new hotels and 42 apartment hotels are under construction currently in Qatar

41 new hotels will be operating by 2012 and 35 new hotels opened in 2011

90,000 hotel rooms will be ready by 2022 from 12,000 rooms today



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